The Vision – Rick Joyner



2 in 1 books: The Final Quest & The Call
Rick Joyner brilliantly relays a panoramic vision of the ultimate battle between the forces of good and evil, taking place just beyond the veil of this world. Guided by Wisdom, Joyner embarks on a journey from the battlefield were the hordes of Hell wreak havoc, to the Mountain of the Lord and eventually through the ranks of Heaven itself.By the end of the decade The Final Quest would top the bestseller lists multiple times and surpass a million copies sold worldwide. His follow up book, The Call, continues the epic saga, challenging readers to live out the truth they discover along the way.Now, The Vision, brings both classics together in a single volume. Throughout, Joyner offers both a warning and encouragement to the faithful followers of Jesus who must stand against the Enemy in these last days.



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