Relative Justice (Paperback) By: Robert Whitlow



They say blood is thicker than water, but that doesn’t always mean family should practice law together. David Cobb and his sister-in-law Katelyn Martin-Cobb are both lawyers. David is part of a small practice with his father in Wilmington, NC, while Katelyn is a rising star with a huge firm in Washington, DC. Her star is on the rise with a move to Chicago in the near future as she climbs the legal ladder.

But after the family patriarch suffers a debilitating health scare, Katelyn and her husband move to Wilmington where she joins the practice owned by David. Together, they are pulled into a drug patent infringement case on behalf of a local man who dabbles in home remedies. The holder of the patent, a chemist and part-time professor, has a gambling addiction and sold part of the rights to his patent.

When a lawsuit is filed, there’s more at risk than money. The case isn’t just about infringement of a patent held by a rural plant expert. It has tentacles that extend far beyond what this pair of in-laws ever dreamed . . . or feared.